Zach Levey

Executive Director

Zach Levey is the Executive Director of Levoca Impact Labs. Zach is a global expert on social innovation, environmental finance, and impact investing, and has advised government, business and civil society leaders across the globe. Before joining Levoca, Zach led the team that launched the first social impact bonds in the world in emerging markets. Zach has held positions in the Inter-American Development Bank, USAID, and in management consulting. 


Nuria de Oca 

Chief operating officer

Nuria is an internationally recognized expert in land policy, rural and social development, and business regulation. She has advised government and private sector leaders across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.  Nuria is a lawyer and an economist by training with advanced degrees from ICADE in Madrid, Spain and from Georgetown University. 


David Bloomgarden

Public-Private partnerships and Urban services

David is a global expert on public private partnerships. He has advised high-level policy makers and company executives in over $2 billion dollars in investment in infrastructure, and helped train over 4,000 public sector officials.  David has been a member of the senior leadership at the Inter-American Development Bank, including Chief of the Inclusive Cities  Division, and has served as a board member of the African Development Bank, the International Fund for Agriculture (IFAD), and the Inter-American Development Bank.


Steven Wilson, PhD

Resilience and sustainability

Steve Wilson is a global expert on sustainable development and resilience. Steve is internationally recognized for his work on building climate resilience in the private sector. He has designed and managed successful venture capital funds, and held leadership positions at the United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO) and at the Inter-American Development Bank. Steve holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Tennessee.


Rita Perakis 

social policy, results-based finance, and impact bonds

Rita is an internationally recognized global expert on results-based finance, social policy, and impact bonds. Rita was the co-author of the seminal report produced by the Center for Global Development (CGD) “Investing in Social Outcomes: Development Impact Bonds”, which served as the first-ever conceptual and technical guide to social impact bonds for international development. She also co-authored the report for the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce. While at CGD, Rita also managed its aid effectiveness program and advised on the 2011 High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Korea. From CGD, Rita transitioned to Social Finance, where she was part of the team that developed the organization’s 3-year international development strategy business plan, and most recently Rita served a Manager at the Education Partnerships Group at Ark in London, where she provided policy advice on education reform, and managed projects focusing on improving access, quality and accountability in pre-primary and secondary education in developing countries. Rita has also served on advisory groups for projects, including the Educate Girls DIB in India. Rita holds a B.A. Summa Cum Laude from Emory University and Masters in Public Policy from Columbia University.