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Levoca Impact Labs looks for new, high-impact ideas, develops them, and works with partners in the field to test our prototypes. We actively seek to drive lateral thinking in our work, and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Here are a few projects we are developing. 

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Social Impact bonds and Results-based finance

Social impact bonds are a cutting-edge way to fund social innovation. The Levoca Impact Labs team has structured several of the first transactions in the developing world, and we are working to make this innovation simpler, bigger and more mainstream. 


Private sector climate REsilience

Climate change is a threat and opportunity. The costs of climate risks are a threat to business assets, business continuity, supply chains and the built environment. Investing upfront in preventive actions can save trillions and new financial products are desperately needed to tackle this threat. At Levoca Impact Labs we are actively exploring new ways to address the pending climate and water crises.


REmittance-backed impact investment

 Globally, there are as many as 200 million migrant workers that leave home in order to send money back to their countries of origin, representing US$429 billion in 2016, which was more than 3x official development assistance (ODA) in the same year. At Levoca Impact Labs we are investigating how this financial flow, which is largely hidden in plain sight, could be leveraged as impact investment to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  


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